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Brandy Hickman, CHHC, leads sessions with authenticity and a true desire to help people to be happy, healthy, and whole. She speaks from the heart and shares her passions for mindfulness and spiritual connection in all aspects of life, from our food to our thoughts to our relationships. 

Brandy helps women say no so they can say yes to themselves. She helps women discover If Their Plates Are Too Full OR just filled with things that don’t nurture, bring joy, and inspire them. She challenges her clients to have a different mindset and think different about doing less and having more. 

On a personal level, Brandy transformed a life-altering health experience into a business designed to improve health for all. There is so much misinformation when it comes to nutrition and wellness. A lifetime of stress and poor diet habits coupled with endless amounts of conflicting information can lead to confusion, frustration, and even disease. Self-destructive mindsets and autopilot living have become the norm in a society that cultivates stress and anxiety. Brandy provides the resources for slowing down, being present and healing our mind, body and spirit.

Living Light with Brandy Lane encompasses a holistic approach to healing individuals from the inside out. With an integrative approach to nutrition, health, and life coaching, she inspires people to live their best life. Living Light means freeing yourself from limiting beliefs and expectations and valuing yourself for what you are: enough. Brandy empowers women to give themselves permission to prioritize self-care and healing.
Brandy Lane Hickman, Integrative Nutrition, Health & Life Coach
 Living Light Programs 
  • Discover: How to cleanse your body Naturally from built up toxins
  • Receive: 200+ recipe book download, daily modules, community support, guided visualizations, and a 45 minute one-on-one coaching session with Brandy Lane Hickman
  • Create: Powerful changes in your food, energy, & well-being!
  • Discover: Simple Strategies for Meal Planning
  • Receive: My 'Freedom in Your Kitchen and Your Life' toolkit, for FREE
  • Create: Small changes in the way you approach your kitchen & mealtime!
  • Discover: How to Powerfully deal with Stressors in your life by creating a Positive Support System
  • Receive: 3 or 6 months of one-on-one coaching sessions and tools to change your relationships with food, your kitchen, people in your life & yourself
  • Create: A vision for your Life and a more Joyful and Positive Mindset!
What Brandy's clients are saying...
“With Brandy’s help I have changed my way of thinking about food…from fast, easy, mindless to whole foods, cooking from scratch, ingredient scrutiny, thoughtful planning, growing my own. I’ve changed from “I can’t have” to “I don’t want” thinking. I’ve incorporated new food, started buying organic and shopping at local farms. I have more energy, better hydration, reduced irritability, healthier skin, no mid-afternoon fatigue, reduced toxins exposure, better nutrition yielding more stable health, ability to read and understand nutrition labels and ingredients.

Brandy is super friendly, easy to talk to, wise, gentle, knowledgeable, encouraging, transparent, and flexible. I would recommend Brandy to friends and family who desire greater health and wellness through proper nutrition.” – Lisa E.
What Brandy's clients are saying...
"Brandy helped me understand which foods cause not only weight gain but also inflammation, which led to chronic disease. I learned that not only did my poor food choices lead to an unhealthy body, but that I needed to remove all toxins/stress to have a totally healthy body.

I now have an overall feeling of health – more restful, peaceful, knowing I am doing all I can to prevent cancer coming back – weight loss, and off 1 medication. The way I eat and how I live my life in a slower, less stressful way – cutting out as much toxins as I can.

Brandy is very compassionate, knowledgeable, calm, lives what she teaches. An awesome example to follow for a happier, healthier life. I would recommend Brandy to anyone with health concerns, whether due to weight or chronic disease." - Debbie I.